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Is Victory Liner Royal Class Bus Worth a Try? (Amenities, Fare and Trip Schedule)

When traveling from Cubao to Baguio, choosing the right bus can make all the difference in your journey. Victory Liner's Royal Class Bus offers a premium experience, but is the 1500 PESOS fare worth it? Let's dive into the amenities and benefits to find out.


Victory Liner's Royal Class Bus is packed with amenities that promise a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Here’s a breakdown:

Upper and Lower Deck Seats: Choose your preferred seating level for the best view and comfort.

Reclinable Seats: Adjust your seat to your comfort level, allowing for a more relaxed journey.

Leg Room: Ample space to stretch your legs, preventing cramps and discomfort.

Curtains for Privacy: Enjoy your personal space without disturbances from other passengers.

Charging Port: Keep your devices powered throughout the trip.

Room Light: Adjustable lighting for reading or personal use.

Seatbelt: Safety is a priority with seatbelts at every seat.

Comfort Room: Convenient restroom access without the need for stopovers.

Lavatory with Amenities: Includes a liquid soap dispenser, bidet, toilet paper, trash bin, and mirror.

Freebies: Complimentary snacks, bottled water, eco bag, and a blanket that you can take home.

Free WIFI: Stay connected online during your trip.

Bus Attendant: Professional staff to assist you throughout the journey.

Non-stop Travel: Enjoy a direct trip without any stopovers.

Travel Essentials

Here are some things you might consider bringing with you for your day tour / adventure:

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Comfort and Convenience

The Royal Class Bus offers an experience akin to a "hotel on wheels." The ability to recline your seat and stretch your legs means you can sleep comfortably. Many passengers find that they wake up feeling refreshed, already in Baguio.

Ticket Price

The fare for the Royal Class Bus from Cubao to Baguio is PHP 1,500 one way. While this is higher than standard bus fares, the extra amenities and comfort may justify the cost for many travelers.

Booking and Scheduling

You have two options for booking: online or walk-in at the terminal. Booking online is highly recommended to secure your preferred schedule and date, ensuring a smooth start to your trip.

Travel Time

The travel time between Cubao and Baguio is approximately 4 to 5 hours, making it a quick and efficient way to reach your destination.

Daily Trip Schedule

As of March 1, 2024, the daily trip schedule for Victory Liner’s Royal Class Bus is as follows:


If you value comfort, convenience, and a premium travel experience, the 1500 PESOS fare for Victory Liner’s Royal Class Bus is definitely worth it. The extensive list of amenities, combined with a non-stop journey and professional service, ensures a pleasant and hassle-free trip. For more information, visit the Facebook page of Victory Liner.

Make your journey to Baguio as enjoyable as your destination by opting for the Royal Class experience. Safe travels!




Is Victory Liner Royal Class Bus Worth a Try? (Amenities, Fare and Trip Schedule) Is Victory Liner Royal Class Bus Worth a Try? (Amenities, Fare and Trip Schedule) Reviewed by JDC on June 22, 2024 Rating: 5

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