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Taytay Tiangge: Market Guide to Shoppers in Rizal (Schedule Hours and How to Get There)

Taytay Tiangge, also known as the "Garments Capital of the Philippines," is a bustling marketplace offering a plethora of affordable and trendy fashion finds.

With various tiangge or markets scattered across the area, shoppers can expect a unique shopping experience with each visit.


1. Bagpi Garments Center

Bagpi Garments Center is a go-to for wholesale and retail clothing. From stylish dresses to casual wear, it's a haven for fashion enthusiasts looking for budget-friendly finds.

Schedule: Open daily, with peak hours from morning to late afternoon.
Location: BAGPI is in between MySeoul and Taytay Mega Tiangge (TMT).

2. Taytay Mega Tiangge

Taytay Mega Tiangge is known for its extensive selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories. The variety ensures that shoppers can update their wardrobe with the latest trends without breaking the bank.

Schedule: Typically open on Wednesdays to Saturdays, from early morning until late afternoon.

3. Club Manila East Grand Fashion and Bazaar

This bazaar combines shopping with entertainment, featuring live performances and food stalls. It's an ideal destination for families looking to enjoy a day out while scoring great deals.

Schedule: Open on weekends, offering an all-day shopping experience.

4. Ilano's Line

Ilano's Line is famous for its diverse collection of fabrics, perfect for those looking to customize their clothing. From textiles to sewing accessories, it's a haven for DIY enthusiasts.

Schedule: Regularly open during weekdays, catering to early morning shoppers.

See more markets at Taytay Tiangge.

How to Get to Taytay Tiangge

By Public Transportation: Commuters can take a UV Express or jeepney bound for Taytay from major transportation terminals like Cubao or Shaw Boulevard. Alight at Taytay Tiangge drop-off points and take a tricycle to reach specific tiangge areas.

By Private Vehicle: Those with private vehicles can easily navigate through Marcos Highway or Ortigas Avenue Extension, both leading to Taytay. Ample parking spaces are available in and around the tiangge areas.



Taytay Tiangge is a treasure trove for budget-conscious shoppers seeking quality fashion items. Whether you're on the hunt for clothes, accessories, or fabrics, the various tiangge in Taytay offer a vibrant and diverse shopping experience. Make sure to plan your visit during the specified market hours to fully enjoy the shopping extravaganza Taytay has to offer!

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